SMME Development

SMME Incubation

    • SMMEs have the potential to be a sustainable mechanism through which the wages of those at the bottom of the wage distribution can be increased and the level of inequality reduced. However, they will only be able to fulfill this potential in an environment, which minimizes their growth constraints. Where constraints are uniformly binding on SMMEs, such as in the case of infrastructure, broad interventions to enable SMMEs to overcome their shared impediments. However, where it is clear that constraints differ according to SMME size, and within different sectors, policies to alleviate the constraints to growth should be carefully targeted and tailored. 
    • Any intervention to grow the SMMEs will take into account sectoral interests of various groups such as the youth, women and people living with disabilities. In an endeavor to develop local business as a breeding ground for entrepreneurs to locate in the SEZ, it is necessary to create an SMMEs Incubation Centre to support local business. The Incubation Centre is necessary to mitigate against any potential perception of exclusion from the mainstream business activities inside the SEZ. It is therefore imperative to conduct a scientific feasibility study to assess the viability and best model. The SMME Incubation Centre will be complemented by a policy framework on enterprise development which is being developed with the participation of various role players within the business sector to support local business targeting women, youth and people living with disabilities